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bored of playing games? wanna have a turn based fight or conversation with characters you & others make? well then get your butts out there!
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 Complete Rules

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PostComplete Rules

====general rules====
No abuse of any kind
-No flaming/trolling (arbitrary, insulting arguing)
-No spamming (posts that do not contribute to anything, are posted many times in succession, or are otherwise just for the sake of posting)
-Keep the swearing to a minimum
-No racism, bigotry or prejudice of any kind
-If its illegal in the real world its illegal here!
-Cyber some where else you creepers

questions can be addressed in the questions and suggestions section, more personal questions can be answered by me in a Private message (PM)

====combat rules====
Rules for Combat:

Before the fight; PM the person you want to fight and if they agree make a room for it in the role play section, once there. Say what character(s) you will be playing as and the order you will go in. Specify the location, terrain type, any obstacles, objects, monsters and there position relative to the player. Specify the opponents distance from one another and position relative to one another. Specify the time of day or night along with any other relevant information.

Rules concerning your posts when fighting;
-you are the narrator, not your character so don’t just call out your actions
-you can’t ever call a hit, ever
-one post = one attack
-No double posting, wait your turn
-your posts must be a paragraph in length minimum (3-6 sentences)
-Understand the difference between out of character and in character, your character dose NOT know everything in a fight that you do
-all attacks must include where they are aimed for and any other information the other person needs to know, not just what there char sees
-be realistic about how much damage you have taken (you cant just say your char is unhurt because there really strong or avoided getting knocked out cold by shear will power)

About Random events: An admin will be watching your fight, if the fight is to one sided, following a pattern, or poorly written enough the admin will post a random event, we will be fair, promise!

====character rules====
ten characters to a user (not counting NPCs and adoptable characters)
two organisations maximum can be started by a user (admins can start as many as they need but still have the character limit in place)

((I had help from Admin-Sama/Rasher204 when making rules(he made all of them))
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Complete Rules

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